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Drawing Shed

The Drawing Shed is a timber-framed home office studio in South London, designed and built by the ByOthers team during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The new studio provides a work-from-home environment away from the domestic life of the house.

Location: London
Typology: Garden studio
Client: ByOthers
Size: 30 sqm
Scope: Architectural services, RIBA 1-6, Self-build

The building is conceived as a series of stepping blocks for different functions: work, meeting, utilities (wc/kitchen). A ridgeline steps from corner to corner, creating a playful, undulating roof which is expressed internally as well as in the external cladding.

Seeking to reduce embodied carbon, we took a zero-concrete approach as a starting point. The studio is constructed from lightweight timber and sits on a timber raft built on screwpile foundations that were installed manually and mitigate the need for any concrete in strip foundations.