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Fen Rise

A design proposal to transform an underutilised small site into an innovative, sustainable, and inclusive community.

Location: London
Typology: Social Housing
Client: Local Authority Developer
Size: 1,850 sqm (25 homes)
Scope: Developer collaboration, Architectural services, RIBA Stages 1-2

The scheme is derived from the site’s inherent qualities and constraints.

The site is situated in a high flood risk zone, and our first design move is to address this condition, approaching it head on. We propose a large-scale sustainable drainage solution 
in the form of an attenuation wildlife pond, bringing a wealth of biodiversity benefits and landscaped as a nature park for all to enjoy. Excavated earth is shifted to the other end of the site, forming a raised base for housing.

The stepping form of the apartment block responds to the urban context, and results in a mix of apartment types, all of which have south-facing elevations and outdoor terraces.